Villa Florence 酒店基本信息

How does your hotel help protect the environment?2019-10-07T18:05:30+00:00

Please visit our Sustainability page for more information on how we work toward a cleaner world.

When is Check-in and Check-out?2019-07-09T22:46:45+00:00

Check in is 3 p.m., and check out is 11 a.m.

Do you accommodate Late Check-out or early Check-in?2019-07-09T22:45:22+00:00

Upon request, yes. We can also store luggage and have restroom facilities.

Is there a guest amenities fee?2022-08-17T14:28:13+00:00

Yes, $33 per night, plus tax.  The Guest Amenities Fee includes:

  • Continental breakfast for up to two per room
  • Free Enhanced WiFi with Unlimited Devices
  • Logo Travel Bag with Bottled Water*
  • Fitness Center Access

*Limit one per room.

Do rooms have air conditioning?2019-07-09T22:37:48+00:00

All rooms have heat and air conditioning and also have a convenient remote control for ultimate comfort.

Is there WiFi available at the hotel?2019-07-27T14:06:52+00:00

WiFi is only available in the Guest Amenities Package.

How close is the airport? What is estimated cab fare?2019-07-09T22:33:37+00:00

The hotel is 14 miles from the airport, a cab will cost around $50 and take around 30 minutes depending on traffic. Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is also available from the airport with approximately a 33 minute ride. Villa Florence is located 5 min from the Market Street Bart Station.

Does the hotel accept packages?2019-07-09T22:32:59+00:00

Yes, the packages will be stored securely in our bellman’s closet and will be provided to you at check-in.

Is there a fee to use the Fitness Center?2019-07-09T22:32:22+00:00

No, the fitness center is included within your stay. The center is open from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. everyday.

Is the hotel pet friendly?2019-07-09T22:31:46+00:00

No, we are a pet-free establishment.

Does the hotel have a business center?2019-07-09T22:31:11+00:00

Yes, computers and printers are available for our guests 24 hours a day.

Do you have a pool?2019-07-09T22:30:32+00:00

No, we do not have a pool at the hotel.

Do you offer room service?2020-03-12T21:08:44+00:00

We do not offer room service.

Do you allow smoking in the rooms or on property?2019-07-09T22:28:47+00:00

No, Villa Florence is a smoke-free establishment.

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